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Dr. Thornton provides incisive commentary on a variety of topics from progressive and inclusive perspective.  Current topics include:

Hearing the Voice of God

The Christian Perspective on War and Peace

Christian Service

God's Judgement: A Progressive Perspective

A Progressive View of Capital Punishment

A Christian Perspective on Poverty

The Meaning of Grace

The Christian Perspective on Other Faiths (2 parts)

The Kingdom of God: The Central Focus of Jesus

A Progressive Christian Perspective on Reducing Abortions

Christianity and Homosexuality

A Loving God in a World with Evil and Suffering

The Bible: Literal or Not?

Why Christianity must Change or Die

Is there a Place for Religion in Politics?

God's Love in the Face of Terrorism

Theology: It's not Etched in Stone

What does Redemption Really Mean?

The Emerging Church

The Beatitudes: A Call to Social Justice